Google Smart Search Tips & Try Google Search Tricks — 2021

All over the world, the google search query average in every second is 40,000 plus, and some people don’t find information because the search is not related to that problem. Here, I can give you brief information about a problem-solving google search tricks list.

List of google search trick, Tips and hacks

How do I search exact match search?

Every day you find something on google, and they give results on search queries. But you want to search specific keyword in a search result. Then you try these Quotes search.

How can I search for Website specific search?

If anyone wants to find a related how many pages in this Website so you can search like this, so search result saw only this Website all page and subdomain of this Website also see.

How do I exclude site or word from google search?

This is a simple google search tip to you can exclude any keyword or exclude any website. You can use the minus (-) before keyword or Website.

How to search any sentences on google?

Asterisk (*) search is google smart searches so I can find any full sentences, or you can find any song lyrics.

How to find a website related to my site?

let’s say talk about your favorite Website. You are bored to see one Website that likes you; therefore, you can use this google search query. You would use these tricks.

How to search multiple words in a search engine?

Google is flexible. Everyone search multiple word or quotes and get a result. Using this trick, you can search for one word or phrase along with a second word or phrase. This can help narrow down your search to help you find accurately what you’re looking for.

Why is spelling not necessary for google search?

Google search is smarter than you think. That’s why google search is smarter than other searches.

How to find a specific pdf file from google search?

An often-forgotten feature of Google search is the ability to search for a specific file or file type. This feature is useful for searching specific files like pdf or PowerPoint. Here is the example of this search:

How to search keywords in the title?

This type of search calls Smart to google search. You can search keywords saw in the title so that you can try this type of search.

How to search google definition?

If you want to the definition of any keyword, try this search query. This is very simple to search for any definition, and you don't need a long search like this “what is the definition of XYZ.” Here example of this search:

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