The influence of social media in e-commerce 2020

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The influence of social media in e-commerce

You’ve probably heard someone saying how important it is for your company to be present and promote and market on social media, right !?

So I went to talk to two experts on the subject, who live this daily. One is trained in the subject, has already written a book, gives lectures and works in large companies. Another is a managerial entrepreneur and applies these techniques very successfully in the daily life of her company.

Are we going to “listen” to what these professionals have to say to us?

The Consultant

Regardless of the type of business, whether commercialised physically or online, it is essential to be present today in the digital environment and on social media channels. Of course, to be present in this medium, you must be a good brand, have a good product or service and depending on the size of your business, have a professional or a team to manage these channels.

However, in the e-commerce scenario, the need to be present becomes even greater, because in addition to a dissemination channel, which is the way most companies use them, these tools help you to better understand and know what your customers think about your products and your store.

For e-commerce this can be a strong means of relationship with its consumers, where they will express their opinions, thus allowing the company to work and mold itself, improving its products or services and the experience at the time of purchase.

The Entrepreneur

As it is a 100% online business, investment in social media is essential, mainly because our marketing strategy is exclusive in this segment and not in traditional media.
All of our disclosure is made through social media, considering the more “traditional” as a fanpage on facebook and Google+, instagram and twitter. We still use Google Adwords promotion tools and our last investment has been in affiliates, which brings us a great source of traffic to our store and consequently new subscribers.

Another channel that we use a lot and grows every day are blogs. Despite the large number that currently exists, this is a very effective way of disclosure, as they become opinion makers within a segment and become a reference for consumers.

Today, the ways of using social media for dissemination are numerous and the amount that can be invested can be infinite, so it is important to analyze each business segment to understand which is the best investment format.

Mehul Ghodasara is a SEO specialist and infuancer marketing specialist in instagram, pinterest, quora etc.



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